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OWA has been combining flair and passion to create one-of-a-kind ceiling systems that inspire and provide long-lasting safety and wellbeing for over 70 years. OWA designs, regardless of the application, blend tradition and innovation and, thanks to an ongoing innovative pipeline, offer true added value for our clients. Superior ceiling systems and dedicated workers make OWA the epitome of the “Made in Germany” quality badge.

Spectra-con Group is proud to be a long term trusted partner of OWA. 


  OWA acoustical ceilings are a type of suspended ceiling system designed to improve the acoustic performance of interior spaces while providing aesthetic appeal. They consist of mineral fiber panels that offer sound absorption properties and are typically installed in commercial, educational, and healthcare environments.

OWA acoustical ceilings absorb sound energy, reducing reverberation and noise levels within a room. The mineral fiber panels are engineered to effectively absorb sound waves, enhancing speech intelligibility, reducing echoes, and creating a more comfortable acoustic environment.

OWA acoustical ceilings offer several benefits, including improved speech clarity, enhanced privacy, increased comfort, and reduced noise pollution. Additionally, they can contribute to energy efficiency by improving thermal insulation and reducing HVAC costs.

Yes, OWA acoustical ceilings are designed for easy installation. They typically feature a modular design that allows for quick and efficient installation using standard suspension systems. Installation instructions provided by the manufacturer help ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation process.

Many OWA acoustical ceilings are environmentally friendly and contribute to sustainable building practices. They are often manufactured using recycled materials and are recyclable at the end of their life cycle. Additionally, some products may be certified by third-party organizations for their environmental performance.

OWA acoustical ceilings come in a variety of design options to suit different aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. These options include different panel sizes, shapes, textures, edge details, colors, and patterns, allowing for customization to match the design intent of any space.

Yes, OWA acoustical ceilings are designed to be durable and low maintenance. The mineral fiber panels are resistant to sagging, warping, and moisture damage, ensuring long-term performance and stability. Routine maintenance typically involves periodic cleaning to remove dust and debris, helping to preserve the ceiling's appearance and acoustic properties.

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